Past Australian Airlines Collection

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Adelaide Airways Ltd

Advance Airlines


Air Australia / Strategic Airlines

Air Queensland

Air Transit

Air W.A.

Air Tasmania

Airlines of Australia

Airlines of N.S.W.

Airlines of South Australia

Airlines (W.A.) Ltd

Airlines of Western Australia


Augusta Airways


Australian Airlines - Original

Australian Airlines - Qantas Owned

Australian National Airways Ltd - Kingsford Smith and Charles Ulm

Australian National Airways Pty Ltd - Ivan Holyman

Avdev Airlines

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Brindabella Airlines

British Commonwealth Pacific Airlines

Burnett Airways

Bush Pilots Airways

Business Air N.S.W.

Butler Air Transport

Butler Airlines

Civil Flying Services


Cobden Airways

Compass Airlines Mk I & II

Connellan Airways (later Connair)

Davey Air Services

East-West Airlines

Eastern Australia Airlines

Flight West Airlines

Flinders Island Airlines

Guinea Airways

Hazelton Airlines

Henebery Aviation Company

Impulse Airlines

Jetair Australia

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Kendell Airlines

Lloyd Aviation


MacArthur Airways

Mandated Airlines

Masling Commuter Air Services

MacRobertson Miller Airlines (MMA)

Murray Valley Airlines

Nationwide Air Services

New England Airways 1931 - 1936

New England Airways 1970's

Noosa Air

Norfolk Island Airlines

North Coast Airlines - Air Eastland

North West Airlines

Northern Airlines

O'Connor Airlines

Opal Air

Oxley Airlines


Pagas Airlines

Phillip Island Airlines

Port Macquarie Clipper

Queensland Airlines

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Rottnest Airlines


Skyway Airlines

Skywest Airlines

Southbank Aviation

Southern Airlines

Southern Australia Airlines

Southern Cross Airways

Southern Pacific Regional Airlines

Sunshine Express Airlines

Sunstate Airlines



T.Thomas Air Transport Systems


TAA - Trans Australia Airlines

Western Australian Airways

Woods Airways

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