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Which Airlines Allow Cremated Remains? (Solved)

Which Airlines Allow Cremated Remains?

  • American Airlines. The largest airline in the country, American Airlines allows for the transport of cremated remains.
  • Delta Air Lines. Requires either a death certificate or certificate of cremation for air travel.
  • Southwest Airlines.
  • United Airlines.
  • Alaska Airlines.

Can I take cremated remains on an airplane?

Travelers are allowed to travel with cremains in a checked bag, however it is recommended to do so in a carry-on bag to help protect the contents from the risks associated with checked baggage. Crematory remains in carry-on must pass through the X-ray machine to be screened.

Do you need permission to take ashes on a plane?

The Transportation Security Administration permits flying with cremated remains both in their carry-on bags and in checked luggage. However, the container should not be made of a material that generates an opaque x-ray image, as TSA agents will be unable to scan the urn to determine what is inside.

Can you fly with an urn full of ashes?

Yes, urns (and the cremated remains, or “ashes” inside) are allowed on airplanes. Security personnel will not open the urn out of respect for the dead, so the urn container will need to be screened via x-ray.

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How much does it cost to fly cremated remains?

Average Cost of Transporting Remains The cost to ship cremated remains internationally will be about $300, while the cost to ship a person’s body can be $10,000-$20,000, says International Insurance. It’s important to note that all costs are the responsibility of the family.

Can you take cremated remains on Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines will not accept human remains as checked baggage; however, a Customer may take cremated remains onboard a domestic U.S. or international flight as a carryon item under certain conditions. We recommend that cremated remains be presented for transport in a temporary plastic or cardboard container.

Can you take cremated remains on Delta Airlines?

You can carry on or check cremated remains. A death or cremation certificate is required. If you’d like to carry them on with you, they must pass through the x-ray machine. You can check cremated remains, as long as they pass through security screening.

Can you take cremated remains on American Airlines?

When you travel with cremated remains, they’ ll be treated as your carry-on bag. No special documentation is needed if you’re traveling domestically, but please contact a local consulate or burial advisor if you’re traveling internationally since the rules vary.

Do I need to declare ashes to customs when Travelling?

The contents must be identified on the customs declaration form. When filling out the declaration form for the destination country, the form must clearly state that the package contains cremated remains.

Can you take ashes on a plane American Airlines?

American Airlines classifies human or pet ashes as “special items.” American Airlines allows you to bring your cremated remains within a carry-on bag. They don’t require any special documentation as long as you’re flying domestically, though it’s still a good idea to bring documentation in case it’s requested by TSA.

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Does Jetblue allow cremated remains?

Cremated human remains must be transported in a crematory container (urn) and will only be accepted as a carry-on item. Urns will not count as part of the customer’s personal item or carry-on item baggage requirements. The urn may not be held by a customer for taxi, takeoff and landing.

Can we carry ashes in Indigo flight?

We carry cremated ashes of human remains and pets in urns on our flights. Packaging: No metal urn is acceptable for carriage. The urn must be placed inside a box with adequate cushioning.

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