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Where Does Contour Airlines Fly?

Smyrna, Tennessee, U.S. Contour Airlines is a regional airline headquartered at Smyrna Airport in Smyrna, Tennessee, United States.


City Arizona Nashville
Airport Nashville International Airport
Destinations Indianapolis Greenville/Spartanburg Greenville (MS) Tupelo


Who is contour airlines affiliated with?

Contour Airlines, which provides commercial flights between the local airport and Charlotte Douglas International Airport under federally subsidized Essential Air Service, signed an interline agreement with American Airlines in June.

Where is contour airlines based?

Contour Airlines is the regional airline brand of Contour Aviation, based in Smyrna, TN. Contour Aviation was founded in 1982 as Corporate Flight Management, a private jet charter company.

Does Contour airlines fly out of Las Vegas?

The routes introduce two new markets, Santa Barbara and Las Vegas, into Contour’s growing West Coast network. Within the past six months, Contour has also initiated service in Oakland, CA, Phoenix, AZ, Page, AZ, and Crescent City, CA.

Does Contour airlines have a frequent flyer program?

Frequent Flyer Program: Contour Airlines offers a frequent flyer program. Flyers can join loyalty programs and score points each time you travel.

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Is Contour Airlines part of American Airlines?

Cochran also said Contour Airlines has entered into a new partnership with American Airlines, allowing travelers in Beckley to fly anywhere American flies without having to re-check the bags. The new arrangement is set to begin in either September or October, 2019.

Is Contour airlines Part 121?

Though Contour and JSX operate like a scheduled air carrier, they both classify themselves as air taxi operators. As such, they follow the FAA’s Part 135 regulations, which are quite different from Part 121 regulations.

Is Lufthansa a German airline?

Lufthansa, in full Deutsche Lufthansa AG, German airline organized in Cologne, W. Ger., on Jan. It was the successor to Deutsche Luft Hansa, or DLH, which was founded in 1926, suspended service at war’s end in 1945, and was formally liquidated in 1951.

What gate does contour Airlines use?

Contour uses Gate D59 for all flights because it has a built-in stairwell that takes you down to the tarmac to board the plane.

What terminal is contour airlines in Phoenix?

5: Alaska and Contour airlines move to Terminal 3.

What airlines fly out of Columbus MS?

Delta, Endeavor Air, KLM, Air France, Korean Air, WestJet and Virgin Atlantic all fly non-stop to Columbus Golden Triangle Reg..

What terminal is Alaska Airlines at Oakland Airport?

Departures Terminal: Alaska Airlines uses Terminal 1 at Oakland Airport (OAK).

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