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Where Does American Airlines Fly? (Best solution)

List of American Airlines destinations

Country City Airport
United States (California) Fresno Fresno Yosemite International Airport
Los Angeles Los Angeles International Airport
Oakland Oakland International Airport
Ontario Ontario International Airport


Where do American Airlines fly in the US?

Today, American Airlines operates out of ten hubs located from shore to shore in the United States, with its main headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas. Other hubs include Charlotte, Chicago-O’Hare, Philadelphia, Miami, Phoenix-Sky Harbor, Washington, DC-National, Los Angeles, New York-JFK, and New York-LaGuardia.

Where does American Airlines fly to in Europe?

American Airlines Airports

  • AMS – Amsterdam.
  • ATH – Athens.
  • BCN – Barcelona.
  • DUB – Dublin.
  • EDI – Edinburgh.
  • FRA – Frankfurt.
  • HEL – Helsinki.
  • LHR – London.

Where does AA fly direct from DFW?

From Dallas-Fort Worth airport there are direct flights to Beijing (American), Hong Kong (American), Seoul (American, Korean Air), Shanghai (American), and Tokyo (American, ANA).

Where does American fly direct from San Diego?

You can fly non-stop from San Diego to Charlotte with American Airlines (Oneworld). Non-stop flights to Chicago are offered by American Airlines (Oneworld), Spirit Airlines and United Airlines (Star Alliance). To Chicago and Dallas, you can fly with Southwest Airlines.

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Does American Airlines fly between European cities?

Experience the most amazing European destinations while enjoying premier services offered by American Airlines with our flights to United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, and much more! When you fly American Airlines, British Airways, Finnair, or Iberia you get access to more destinations across Europe.

What cities fly direct from Dallas?

All direct flights from Dallas to Louisville, Lubbock, Memphis, Miami, Midland, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Montrose, Nashville, New Orleans, New York City, Oakland, East Bay, Omaha, Ontario, Orlando, Palm Springs, Panama City, Pensacola, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Pittsburgh are operated by Southwest Airlines.

Where does Delta fly non stop from Dallas?

It also operates nonstop flights from DFW to Atlanta, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Detroit, Salt Lake City, Cincinnati, Memphis and New York-JFK. When the expansion is complete, Delta would operate a total of 68 daily flights in the Dallas/Fort Worth region, including flights at both DFW and Love Field.

What airport in Texas is cheapest to fly into?

Dallas Love Field (DAL) — the cheapest in Texas — rings up at $303.32 and a volume rank of 37, while Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) comes in at No. 23 overall, costing an average of $341.51 with a volume rank of 25. Flying out of elsewhere in Texas? It’ll cost you.

Which airline has the most flights from San Diego?

Southwest continues to be the dominant carrier in San Diego with the most flights.

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