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When Will Southwest Airlines Resume Flights To Belize?

Southwest heading back to Belize City, Nassau, Grand Cayman, and Providenciales. Southwest intends to resume services to all of its previously served international destinations by November 7, 2021. The airline is already flying to several destinations in the Caribbean and Central America.

Is Southwest flying to Belize yet?

BELIZE CITY, BELIZE, Thursday, 10 June, 2021 – The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) is proud to announce that Southwest Airlines will resume flights to Belize from Houston and Denver, Colorado starting November 07, 2021.

Is Southwest flying to Belize in 2021?

November 4, 2021 Southwest Airlines will resume flights from Houston and Denver to Belize starting on November 7, 2021. The non-stop service from Houston, TX will be from Sunday to Saturday and will depart Houston at 10:55 am. The flight from Denver will only be offered on Saturdays and will depart at 10:50 am.

Are any airlines flying to Belize?

Which airlines offer direct flights to Belize? American Airlines, United, Alaska Airlines, British Airways, Delta, Southwest Airlines, Frontier Airlines and Sun Country Airlines all fly non-stop to Belize.

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How do you get to Belize?

Flights to Belize The easiest and most popular way to get to Belize is by flying into the Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport (BZE) in Belize City. There are five major US airlines and five other airlines that fly into Belize. For more information visit our Belize Flight Information page.

Is Belize safe to visit?

Belize – Level 4: Do Not Travel. Do not travel to Belize due to COVID-19. Exercise increased caution in Belize due to crime. Violent crime – such as sexual assault, home invasions, armed robberies, and murder – are common even during daylight hours and in tourist areas.

Where is Belize?

Land. Situated south of the Yucatán Peninsula, Belize is a land of mountains, swamps, and tropical jungle. It is bounded by Mexico to the north, Guatemala to the west and south, and the Caribbean Sea to the east.

How do you get to San Pedro Belize?

From Belize City, you can either fly or take a boat to San Pedro. By air, it’s a 20-minute flight; the boat trip takes about 75 minutes. Coming in by air- The easiest method of travelling around Belize is by air.

Does Southwest fly to England?

Southwest Doesn’t Fly to Europe or Asia – But the Companion Pass Is KEY for Cheap Flights to Anywhere on Earth. Southwest flies to tons of fun destinations all over the continental US, Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, and soon Hawaii! The biggest downfall of Southwest is that they don’t fly anywhere else.

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When should I visit Belize?

The best time to visit Belize is from late November to mid-April, during the country’s dry season. Although this peak season draws thousands of tourists, dealing with crowds is an easy sacrifice to make for warm temperatures, clear skies and easy access to the country’s top attractions.

Which US airports fly to Belize?

Goldson Airport (BZE), or Belize City Airport, is the international gateway to the island and the destination for all flights from the US to Belize.

Can you fly into San Pedro Belize?

Currently there are no international flights to San Pedro. The only flights to San Pedro are domestic flights within Belize. To get to San Pedro from another country you will need a flight with a stopover, for example through Belize City or Belize City.

Can you take a boat from Florida to Belize?

Belize – and an ideal way to get a first taste is a visit via cruise ship. You can find plenty of departure points in Florida that get you there. The Florida climate is similar to the climate in Belize, so pack as if you were just going there.

Is Belize cheaper than Costa Rica?

Both countries have their own currency: the Belize dollar and the Costa Rican colon. Anyway Belize is slightly cheaper than Costa Rica.

How long does it take to get through customs in Belize?

How long does it take to clear the Customs/Immigration area? It can take between 30 minutes to an hour to clear the Customs/Immigration area. Here is a bit of useful information for those new to the airport: Once a passenger has landed in Belize, they will first clear through Immigration.

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