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What Is A Flagship Suite At American Airlines Center? (Question)

There are three different tiers of suite seating for all events at the American Airlines Center. Located just above the 100 level seats and closest to the Plaza Level are the Flagship Suites, which wrap around the entire arena.

What is platinum level at American Airlines Center?

Platinum ticket buyers have access to the premium restaurants and bars on the dedicated, upscale Platinum level concourse. Platinum Level is the in-seat wait service. Suites at American Airlines Center are named Platinum, Flagship and Admiral. Flagship suites hold 12-18 people, while the Platinum suites hold 12.

Where should I sit at American Airlines Center?

Best Seats For a Concert at American Airlines Center On the Floor: Sections Floor 10, Floor 11, Floor 12 and Floor 13 are Floor Seats, which offer some of the closest views of the performers.

Where is Row AA at the American Airlines Center?

The cheapest lower level seats at the American Airlines Center are those behind the baskets (Mavericks) and goalies (Stars). The rows on the lower level are lettered; not numbered like most NBA arenas. The first row in the lower level sections will always be row AA, followed by row BB and then row A.

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What does sapphire mean on American Airlines?

Oneworld Sapphire is the mid-tier of the Oneworld alliance program. As a Oneworld Sapphire member, you’ll get priority check-in and standby. For standby privileges, you’d come ahead of any Oneworld Ruby members. You’ll also get priority boarding, though that benefit depends on the airline you’re flying.

What is plaza level?

Plaza-level refers to the above-ground network of sidewalks and elevated plazas suspended between arcologies. This stratum of architecture, much like the “L-square” refers to a particular level of construction with similar amenities.

How much are floor seats at a Mavericks game?

24 Dallas Mavericks – $200 The Mavs are currently figuring out who’s going to make the regular season roster for 2018-19, and while I don’t have the exact answers just yet, a courtside seat at a Mavs home game will cost a mere $200 apiece.

How many seats in a row at American Airlines Center?

Floor sections typically have rows 1-24 with up to 14 seats per row. However a couple of rows at the front may have up to 48 seats. 100s sections have rows 1-37 with up to 32 seats.

What are the best seats in American Airlines Arena?

The Best Seats in the House If so, center court tickets in sections 106, 107, 118 and 119 are the best. These sections will get you as up close and personal as possible with your favorite players and celebrities.

How many seats at American Airlines Center?

Housing both the NBA Dallas Mavericks and the NHL Dallas Stars, the American Airlines Center displays its unique versatility with its retractable seating transforming from a 20,000 seat basketball arena into an up-close action-heavy 18,532 seat hockey rink.

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Does American Airlines Center have handicap seating?

Areas of Rescue Assistance are available and visual/audible alarms are located throughout the building for use in the event of an emergency. To reach a guest during an event you may call 214-665-4299. American Airlines Center offers accessible seating in an integrated setting on all levels of the building.

What is Platinum access at Dallas Stars game?

Platinum Premier Season Tickets Includes parking, in-seat wait service, a food and beverage credit of $30 per ticket, and seating located on the same level as premium bars and the Lexus Platinum Club. Choose from full or half season tickets to enjoy this one-of-a-kind entertainment option.

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