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What Airlines Fly To Colorado? (TOP 5 Tips)

United Airlines, Southwest Air Canada fly the most frequently from the United States to Colorado.

What cities does Southwest fly to in Colorado?

Plan your next trip to one of the many cities served by Southwest.

  • Colorado Springs. There’s more than skiing in Colorado—see what you can do after deplaning at Colorado Springs Airport.
  • Telluride/Crested Butte, CO.
  • Steamboat Springs, CO.
  • Bozeman.
  • Albuquerque.

Is it cheaper to fly into Denver or Colorado Springs?

In comparison to Denver, ticket prices for domestic flights at the Colorado Springs Airport can be anywhere from $25 to $150 more expensive. Greg Phillips, the Director of Aviation at the Colorado Springs Airport, says the prices are higher at COS because there are fewer carriers.

Is it expensive to fly to Colorado?

Average worldwide flight costs to Colorado (from all airports) are between $659 and $1,025 per person for economy flights and $2,069 to $3,219 for first class. Depending on activities, we recommend budgeting $49 to $100 per person per day for transportation and enjoying local restaurants.

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Does Southwest fly into Colorado?

Southwest Airlines flies to Colorado Springs, which makes planning your next Rocky Mountain getaway a snap. But memorable trips are about more than finding affordable flights to Colorado Springs Airport. Learn more about the Southwest® Experience and book your upcoming flight to Colorado Springs.

What is the cheapest month to fly to Colorado?

Top tips for finding cheap flights to Colorado. High season is considered to be November and December. The cheapest month to fly to Colorado is August.

What is the closest airport to Colorado Springs Colorado?

The nearest airport to Colorado Springs is Colorado Springs (COS) Airport which is 7 miles away. Other nearby airports include Denver (DEN) (71 miles) and Aspen (ASE) (113.5 miles).

Does Delta fly direct to Colorado Springs?

From Salt Lake City, you can fly non-stop to Colorado Springs with Delta (SkyTeam).

Is Colorado expensive to live?

Colorado has been ranked as one of the top 10 most expensive states to live in by U.S. News & World Report. This is mainly due to the fact that housing in Colorado is 34% more expensive than the rest of the United States. You can expect to pay about $1300 per month for rent or $1,750 for a mortgage.

How far is Denver Colorado from me by plane?

The calculation of flight time is based on the straight line distance from Denver, CO to Maine (“as the crow flies”), which is about 1,843 miles or 2 966 kilometers.

Which airline is the best to fly?

The 10 best U.S. airlines in 2021

  1. Delta Air Lines. Top-performing areas: involuntary bumps from flights, lounges.
  2. Southwest Airlines. Top-performing areas: customer satisfaction, bag/change fees, award availability.
  3. United Airlines.
  4. Alaska Airlines.
  5. American Airlines.
  6. JetBlue Airways.
  7. Hawaiian Airlines.
  8. Spirit Airlines.
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Does American Airlines go to Colorado?

Flights to Colorado with American Airlines Choose between Denver, Colorado Springs, Grand Junction, Vail, Aspen, Montrose, Hayden or Gunnison and discover the beauty of Colorado. Book your Coloradan getaway today!

How do you get to Breckenridge Colorado?

Getting Here Most travelers fly into Denver International Airport (DEN) and the Colorado Springs Airport (COS). Both DIA and Colorado Springs Airport are an easy shuttle ride or drive up the mountain to Breckenridge. While some guests rent a car, the more popular option is to take an airport shuttle up to Breckenridge.

How long is the flight from LAX to Colorado?

Flight time from Los Angeles to Colorado Springs is 2 hours 23 minutes. Non-stop flight time is around 2 hours 30 minutes. Quickest one-stop flight takes close to 4 hours. However, some airlines could take as long as 23 hours based on the stopover destination and waiting duration.

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