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What Airlines Fly Out Of Venezuela? (Correct answer)

List of airlines of Venezuela

Airline IATA Hub airport(s)
LASER Airlines QL Simón Bolívar International Airport
Rainbow Air Santiago Mariño Caribbean International Airport
RUTACA Airlines RU Simón Bolívar International Airport
SASCA O3 Santiago Mariño Caribbean International Airport


What airlines Caracas Venezuela?

From Maracaibo, there are 5 airlines that have direct services to Caracas, which are Conviasa, Estelar, LASER Airlines, RUTACA Airlines and Venezolana. From Maturín, you can fly non-stop with Conviasa or Estelar.

Is Copa Airlines flying from Venezuela?

MIAMI – Copa Airlines (CM) informs that it has been authorized by the National Institute of Civil Aeronautics (INAC) to operate in Venezuela as of November 24, 2020; connecting Caracas with more than 20 countries in the American continent, via Panama’s Tocumen International Airport (PTY).

What is the national airline of Venezuela?

Conviasa assumed the title of national airline of Venezuela following the 1999 collapse of former flag carrier VIASA. The airline operates from its hub at Caracas Simon Bolivar International Airport to domestic and international destinations throughout South America and the Caribbean.

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Why are there no flights to Venezuela?

The US Transportation Department (DOT) banned all scheduled and charter flights between the US and Venezuela in May 2019 over security concerns, saying the country’s political crisis threatened the safety of passengers, aircraft and crew.

Is Copa Airlines flying to Venezuela 2021?

Copa Airlines announced this Friday that, as of April 30, 2021, it will expand its air operations between Panama and Venezuela, offering new flights to and from the cities of Caracas and Maracaibo.

Can you fly from Venezuela to Mexico?

The quickest way to get from Venezuela to Mexico City is to fly which costs $140 – $400 and takes 8h 8m.

Is Panama near Venezuela?

The distance between Panama and Venezuela is 1654 km.

How long is the flight from Caracas to Panama?

2 hours and 19 minutes is the average flight time from Caracas to Panama City.

Can a Venezuelan travel to the US?

The US B1/B2 Visa is a mandatory document for you as a Venezuelan citizen. The good news is that you have VisaExpress on your side with a simple, fast, and reliable service.

Is Caracas safe to travel?

You should know that Caracas is not safe for tourists. The US State Department has released an issue for all tourists to reconsider travel to Venezuela due to crime, civil unrest, poor health infrastructure, and detention of U.S. citizens. Avoid traveling to certain neighborhoods of Caracas due to crime.

How much does it cost to fly to Venezuela?

The cheapest ticket to Venezuela from the United States found in the last 72 hours was $590. The most popular route is from Boise to Caracas and the cheapest round-trip airline ticket found on this route in the last 72 hours was $1,379.

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Is Venezuela safe in 2021?

Venezuela – Level 4: Do Not Travel. Do not travel to Venezuela due to arrest and detention of U.S. citizens without due process or fair trial guarantees, or as a pretext for an illegitimate purpose; crime; civil unrest; poor health infrastructure; kidnapping; and COVID-19.

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