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What Airlines Fly Out Of Trenton-mercer Airport? (Perfect answer)

Top Flight Routes

  • Frontier Airlines Trenton to Phoenix.
  • Frontier Airlines Trenton to Nassau.
  • Frontier Airlines Trenton to Raleigh.
  • Frontier Airlines Trenton to Tampa.
  • Frontier Airlines Trenton to Miami.
  • Frontier Airlines Trenton to Punta Cana.
  • Frontier Airlines Trenton to Charlotte.
  • Frontier Airlines Trenton to Denver.

Where does Trenton NJ Airport fly to?

The twelve nonstop destinations from and to Trenton include: Orlando, Fl.; Tampa, Fl: West Palm Beach, Fl; Fort Myers, Fl; Fort Lauderdale, Fl.; Miami, Fl.; Chicago Il.; Charlotte, N. C.; Detroit, Mi.; Minneapolis, Mn.; Raleigh, N.C.; Atlanta, Ga.

Does Allegiant fly out of Trenton NJ?

Allegiant still operates flights to and from from Newark Liberty International Airport. Meanwhile, Frontier Airlines continues to expand at the airport. In February, the discount airline from Denver announced four additional nonstop flights.

Does Frontier fly from Trenton to Sarasota?

Frontier Airlines Announces New, Non-Stop Service from Trenton to Sarasota. To celebrate this new, low-cost service, Frontier is offering fares as low as $49*, which are available now at

Where does Frontier fly direct to from Trenton?

All direct flights from Trenton to Atlanta, Charleston, Charlotte, Chicago, Fort Myers, Myrtle Beach, Orlando, Raleigh / Durham, Tampa and West Palm Beach are operated by Frontier Airlines.

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Does Frontier fly from Trenton to Boston?

Currently, you can fly between Trenton and Boston with Frontier Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue Airways, American Airlines. If you don’t have specific dates for your trip between Trenton and Boston, you can enter a date range into the departure and return fields.

Where all does Allegiant fly to?

Allegiant Air flies to 91 destinations including Austin, Destin/Fort Walton, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers/Punta Gorda, Honolulu, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Myrtle Beach, New Orleans, New York City, Oakland, Orlando, Palm Springs, Phoenix, San Diego, San Juan, Savannah/Hilton Head, Tampa and Washington D.C./

What is the airport code for Trenton NJ?

Frontier Airlines is Certified as a 3-Star Low-Cost Airline for the quality of its airport and onboard product and staff service. Product rating includes cabin comfort, baggage / seat charges, buy onboard food & beverages, cabin cleanliness, and service rating is for cabin and ground staff.

How many gates are at Trenton Mercer airport?

Terminal and future developments Trenton–Mercer Airport has one terminal with four gates. Gate 2 is divided into 3 sub-gates labeled Gates 2–4. On the upper level of the terminal (before security) is an observation lounge as well as a restaurant, Sky Lounge at Ewing, serving pub food.

Can you leave your car at Trenton airport?

The airport has a number of paid parking lots. Parking is $2 per hour/$8 per day. The lots are automated and accessible 24 hours a day. When entering a paid lot, take a ticket and the gate will open.

How early should I arrive at Trenton airport?

Trenton Mercer International Airport recommends arriving 2 to 3 hours before your scheduled airline departure. Remember to arrive early and, if necessary, allow yourself enough time to park your car at the airport.

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Where is Frontier Airlines in NJ?

Frontier Airlines uses Terminal B at Newark Airport.

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