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What Airlines Fly Out Of Toronto? (Best solution)

Airlines and destinations

Airline Code Terminal
Air India AIC/AI T1
Air Transat TSC/TS T3
American Airlines AAL/AA T3
Avianca Airlines AVA/AV T1


What airlines fly out of Pearson Terminal 1?

Terminal 1

  • Air Canada.
  • Air Canada Jazz.
  • Avianca Airlines.
  • Brussels Airlines.
  • Copa Airlines.
  • Egyptair.
  • Emirates.
  • Ethiopian Airlines.

Which US cities have direct flights to Toronto?

Low fares to Toronto

  • Los Angeles (LAX) to Toronto (YYZ) One-way/Economy.
  • Fort Lauderdale (FLL) to Toronto (YYZ) One-way/Economy.
  • San Francisco (SFO) to Toronto (YYZ)
  • New York (LGA) to Toronto (YYZ)
  • Fort Myers (RSW) to Toronto (YYZ)
  • Orlando (MCO) to Toronto (YYZ)
  • Tampa (TPA) to Toronto (YYZ)
  • Miami (MIA) to Toronto (YYZ)

What airlines are in Terminal 3?

AeroMexico, Air Canada, Volaris, and WestJet are the international airlines operating out of Terminal 3, while Alaska Air, Fly Frontier, OAI, Hawaiian Airlines, Fly Frontier, Sun Country, and United airlines are the domestic airlines.

What airlines fly from Terminal 3 Toronto?

Terminal 3 It is used by all SkyTeam and Oneworld airlines that serve Pearson, along with Air Transat, Etihad Airways, Pakistan International Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Sunwing Airlines and all other airlines that are unaffiliated with an airline alliance (except Emirates, which uses Terminal 1).

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What US airlines fly to Toronto?

Air Canada, United, Air Canada Jazz, WestJet, Delta, American Airlines, Air Canada Rouge and Endeavor Air all fly non-stop to Toronto Pearson International.

Does southwest go to Toronto?

Southwest execs reveal the reason the airline doesn’t fly to Canada yet is because its system isn’t set up to accept Canadian dollars. Southwest Airlines is the largest US airline that doesn’t serve Canada. The lack of service isn’t for a lack of potential customers but is technological is nature.

Which airlines fly direct Canada?

Which airlines offer direct flights to Canada? Air Canada, United, Air India all fly direct to Canada.

What airlines are in Terminal 4?

Delta, Emirates, Etihad, KLM, LATAM, Singapore Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, and Swiss are a few of the airlines found at JFK’s Terminal 4.

What airlines fly out of PHX?

Airlines Serving PHX

  • American Airlines.
  • United Airlines.
  • Delta Air Lines.
  • Alaska Airlines.
  • British Airways.
  • Air Canada.
  • Finnair.
  • Lufthansa.

What airlines use Terminal 4 at PHX?

The airlines using Terminal 4 are American, British Airways, Condor Airlines, Southwest, Volaris, and WestJet.

Which terminal is Pia at Pearson?

Departures Terminal: Pakistan International Airlines uses Terminal 3 at Toronto Pearson Airport.

What terminal does Air Canada fly out of in Toronto?

Departing from/Arriving at Toronto Pearson International Airport. Check in at Terminal 1 for all flights to Canada, the U.S., and all international destinations. All Air Canada flights are gated at Terminal 1.

What terminal in Toronto is WestJet?

WestJet Check-in – Toronto Pearson International Airport – Terminal 3.

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