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What Airlines Fly Out Of Pueblo Colorado? (Correct answer)

Airline and destination

Airlines Destinations
United Express Denver

Does Pueblo have a airport?

Pueblo Memorial Airport is conveniently located 6 miles from downtown Pueblo. We are an easy drive from town and an easier flight to the world.

What is the code for Colorado Springs Airport?

The airlines flying out of this airport include Alaska Airlines, Allegiant Air, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Frontier Airlines, and United Express. All offer excellent service and fly to exciting destinations.

What airports are in Colorado Springs?

Domestic airports near Colorado Springs, CO

  • 12 miles to: Colorado Springs, CO (COS / KCOS) Colorado Springs Airport.
  • 48 miles to: Pueblo, CO (PUB / KPUB) Pueblo Memorial Airport.
  • 86 miles to: Denver, CO (DEN / KDEN) Denver International Airport.
  • 160 miles to: Aspen, CO (ASE / KASE) Aspen-Pitkin County Airport.

How many flights does Cos have a day?

This change increased daily departures to 5x daily vs. 4x daily in January 2019.

Does Delta fly direct to Colorado Springs?

From Salt Lake City, you can fly non-stop to Colorado Springs with Delta (SkyTeam).

What is cos when flying?

Colorado Springs Municipal Airport (COS) RealTime Flight Information | Colorado Springs.

How many airports are in Colorado Springs?

The Centennial State is home to 14 commercial airports, only 1 of which flies international and the rest are regional.

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