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What Airlines Fly Out Of Midland Tx? (Best solution)

Airlines that service Midland International Air Space Port are American, Southwest, and United Express. Non-stop flights are available to seven major airports: DAL, DEN, DFW, HOU, IAH, LAS, and PHX.

Does Delta fly out of Midland Texas?

Delta’s service out of Midland “connects travelers to more than 200 flights serving 64 destinations through the Delta (Air Lines) and Delta Connection hub in Dallas-Fort Worth,” Buttrell said. Carroll Thomas, who is the Midland’s airport economic-development manager, said that a “new (air) service is always welcome.

Where does Southwest fly direct from Midland TX?

Southwest Airlines provides direct flights from Midland International Air & Space Port (MAF) to Houston / Hobby Airport (HOU), Dallas Love Field (DAL), Denver (DEN), and Las Vegas (LAS). Southwest Airlines offers connecting flights to various other destinations from these cities.

Is Midland Odessa airport open?

The Airport is now open, please check with your airline for information on specific flights.

What airport is close to Midland Texas?

The nearest airport to Midland is Midland/Odessa (MAF) Airport which is 8.7 miles away. Other nearby airports include San Angelo (SJT) (103.1 miles) and Lubbock (LBB) (116.3 miles).

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Does Midland have an airport?

Midland- Odessa International Air and Space Port (IATA: MAF, ICAO: KMAF, FAA LID: MAF) (formerly Midland International Airport) is in the city limits of Midland, Texas, about midway between Downtown Midland and Downtown Odessa, owned and operated by the City of Midland.

Does Delta fly to MAF?

Among the top airlines that consistently provide ATL to MAF flights include: American Airlines – (AA) with 210 direct flights between Atlanta and Midland/Odessa monthly. Delta Air Lines – (DL) with 210 direct flights between ATL and MAF monthly.

What region is Midland and Odessa in?

Midland–Odessa is a metropolitan area located in West Texas approximately half-way between El Paso and Fort Worth, Texas. This combined statistical area (CSA) is made up of two metropolitan statistical areas (the Midland MSA and the Odessa MSA), and comprises three counties: Martin, Midland and Ector counties.

What airlines fly out of Odessa?

Airlines flying from Odessa

  • SkyUp Airlines (PQ)16 destinations.
  • Ryanair (FR)14 destinations.
  • Wizz Air (W6)12 destinations.
  • PS)5 destinations.
  • Fly Blue Crane (7B)5 destinations.
  • Pegasus (PC)2 destinations.
  • Turkish Airlines (TK)2 destinations.
  • Qatar Airways (QR)1 destination.

Where does Midland Airport fly to?

Operation. Owned and operated by the City of Midland, MAF has over 20 daily departures with non-stop service to Dallas Fort Worth (DFW), Dallas Love Field (DAL), Houston Intercontinental (IAH), Houston Hobby (HOU), Las Vegas (LAS), Phoenix (PHX), and Denver (DEN).

Does Odessa TX have an airport?

If you are flying to Odessa, TX, you will have to fly into MAF, which is Midland International Air and Space Port. The airport is located in Midland, TX, which is about 11 miles away from Odessa.

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What time does Midland International airport Open?

The airport is open 24 hours. TSA checkpoints open daily at 4:30AM.

What is Midland Odessa airport code?

George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) is located approximately 22 miles north of downtown Houston.

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