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What Airlines Fly Out Of Akron Canton Airport?

Which airlines fly into Akron-Canton Airport?

  • American Airlines.
  • United Airlines.
  • Breeze Airways.
  • Spirit Airlines.

Which airlines fly out of Akron-Canton?

Akron-Canton is proud of its stellar roster of low cost carriers and full-service airlines, like Allegiant Air, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Southwest, Spirit Airlines, and United.

Does Southwest Airlines fly out of Akron-Canton Airport?

Southwest, the busiest airline operating out of CAK, now offers eight daily nonstop flights from the airport. Destinations with new or additional Southwest service from Akron-Canton include Boston (Logan), New York (LaGuardia), Orlando and Denver (a second seasonal round trip).

Does JetBlue fly out of Akron-Canton Airport?

Flights out of Akron-Canton Airport on new startup airline Breeze Airways will begin in late June. The Utah-based airline, founded by the founder of JetBlue Airways, said flights from Akron-Canton (airport code CAK) to Tampa Bay, Florida will begin on June 26.

Does Frontier fly out of Akron-Canton?

Frontier Airlines flies from Akron-Canton to its Denver hub aboard big, comfy Airbus jets with satellite TV in every seatback. Frontier is the second largest carrier out of Denver International Airport, with an average of 250 daily system-wide departures and arrivals. To purchase tickets visit

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Where does Akron-Canton Airport fly to?

Akron-Canton Airport – A Better Way To Go » Akron-Canton Airport. Go to Austin and Boston, Charleston and Chattanooga, Dallas, Vegas and Los Angeles — plus many more! Beijing, Cancún, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Rio de Janiero, Rome, San Juan and Tokyo.

Does Delta fly out of Akron-Canton?

Delta is Akron-Canton’s third largest carrier, carrying about 20% of the airport’s 835,000 passengers in 2019. Delta flies solely to Atlanta from Akron-Canton, and is the only carrier offering service from CAK to Hartsfield-Jackson International, the world’s largest airport.

Does Southwest Airlines fly out of Canton Ohio?

Southwest will cease operations in Akron-Canton at the end of our current flight schedule, on June 3, 2017. The decision to leave a community is never easy, and is never made quickly. After more than five years of serving Akron-Canton, we no longer see a local, sustainable travel demand to support our service.

Does Canton Ohio have an airport?

5400 Lauby Rd NW, North Canton, Ohio U.S. Akron–Canton Airport (IATA: CAK, ICAO: KCAK, FAA LID: CAK) is a commercial airport in the city of Green, in southern Summit County, Ohio (a small piece of each runway is in Stark County), about 10 miles (16 km) southeast of Akron.

Where is breeze Airways based?

Breeze, which is based in Salt Lake City, claims that it uses planes and technology more efficiently than other airlines, allowing it to offer lower fares.

Where does breeze airlines fly from Akron-Canton?

Akron-Canton got a boost last month from Breeze, the new leisure-focused, low-cost carrier that started flying this summer to three destinations – Tampa, New Orleans and Charleston, South Carolina.

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Where will breeze Airways fly?

The airline currently has four main destinations that it flies from at the moment — Tampa, Charleston, Norfolk and New Orleans. Destinations that it flies to& include Louisville, Tulsa, Bentonville, Richmond (VA), Providence and many more.

What is the airport code for Akron Ohio?

Long-term A parking is $12/day, while long-term B is $10/day. Our short-term parking area is located directly across from the main entrance of the airport, which is the closest parking option to the terminal entrance. Short-term parking is $2/hour and $16/day.

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