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What Airlines Fly Into Tampa Florida? (Solution found)

Airlines at TPA

Airline PHONE NUMBER Ticketing & Baggage Claim
Alaska Airlines (800) 252-7522 RED
Air Canada (888) 247-2262 RED
American Airlines (800) 433-7300 (866) 422-2247 for Cuba travel BLUE
Avelo Airlines (346) 616-9500 RED

Does Southwest fly into Tampa FL?

Southwest Airlines flies to Tampa International Airport often, making it easy to plan your next Sunshine State getaway. Learn more about the Southwest® Experience and book your upcoming flight to Tampa International Airport.

Is Tampa a Southwest hub?

Traveling from Tampa. Southwest Airlines is proud to serve Tampa International Airport.

Is Tampa a Delta hub?

Delta Air Lines is one of the world’s largest global airlines and is the founding member of the SkyTeam Alliance. Delta offers service to over 300 destinations and serves Tampa with non-stop flights to their hub cities.

Where does United fly direct from Tampa?

As one of TPA’s legacy carriers, United Airlines currently flies nonstop from Tampa to Newark, Washington-Dulles, Chicago-O’Hare, Houston and Denver – all of which are United hubs. The additional service will introduce the option for Star Alliance members to travel to non-hub destinations on their preferred airline.

Are there 2 airports in Tampa?

The city of Tampa, Florida has three main airports; Tampa International Airport, St. Petersburg–Clearwater International Airport and Sarasota–Bradenton International Airport.

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Where does Southwest fly direct out of Tampa?

Southwest also offers nonstop stops from Tampa to Albany, Atlanta, Austin, Hartford, Birmingham, Nashville, Buffalo, Baltimore, Columbus, Dallas, Washington, Denver, Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, Flint, Grand Rapids, Havana, Houston, Indianapolis, Long Island, Las Vegas, LaGuardia, Kansas City, Chicago, Memphis, Manchester

Does Delta fly out of Tampa?

Tampa International Airport (TPA) is six miles from Tampa and serves more than 20 international, domestic, and regional airlines, including Delta Air Lines. It serves 85 non-stop flights to destinations throughout the U.S., Central America, Europe, and the Caribbean, including Cuba.

What is the cheapest airport in Florida to fly into?

The 5 Cheapest Airports to Fly to in Florida

  1. Fort Lauderdale (Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport)
  2. Tampa (Tampa International Airport)
  3. West Palm Beach (Palm Beach International Airport)
  4. Orlando (Orlando International Airport)
  5. Miami (Miami International Airport)

Does Tampa have an airport?

Tampa International Airport (TPA)

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