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What Airlines Fly Interisland In Hawaii? (Solution)

There are currently four companies that offer interisland flights within the state of Hawai’i:

  • Hawaiian Airlines,
  • Mokulele Airlines,
  • Southwest Airlines, and.
  • Makani Kai Air.

Can you travel interisland in Hawaii?

Where are you traveling to Hawaii from? Inter-island travel. As of June 15, inter-island travelers no longer need to take a pre-travel test, show proof of vaccination or quarantine.

Does Southwest fly inter island in Hawaii?

Southwest flies year-round between Hawaiian islands. Southwest makes interisland travel convenient with most flight durations under one hour. Some average flight times include: Kona (Island of Hawaii) (KOA) to Kahului (Maui) (OGG): 40 minutes.

What is the cheapest way to travel between Hawaiian Islands?

If you are staying on Maui your family could travel return to both Lanai and Molokai for less than the price of flights for a family of four from Honolulu or Maui to Lanai. It’s the cheapest way to travel between these Hawaiian islands. Keep scrolling to see the Hawaii ferry routes.

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Do I need a Covid test for interisland travel in Hawaii?

Travel requirements COVID-19 pre-travel test or quarantine, regardless of your vaccination status or where you’ve been vaccinated. You also do not need to create a trip within the Safe Travels website for your inter-island flights.

Do I need to quarantine if I fly to Hawaii?

Domestic travelers must follow all Safe Travels Hawaii protocols. To avoid quarantine, upload proof of vaccination or have a negative result from a Trusted Testing Partner. Only test results from Trusted Testing and Travel Partners will be accepted.

How much are interisland flights in Hawaii?

Hawaii inter-island: Using Honolulu to Maui or Kauai as example routes, fares during most travel times typically range from $118 (this week’s sale) to as much as $239 round trip. Based on a distance of 100 miles even, that comes out to between $0.59 and $1.19 per mile.

What is the best way to travel between islands in Hawaii?

The best and most popular way to go Hawaii island hopping is by plane. Flights between Hawaiian islands include Hawaiian Airlines, Mokulele, Southwest, and Princeville. There are dozens of inter island flights every single day. Plus, these island hopping flights are very fast.

What is the most beautiful island in Hawaii?

Kauai’s lush greenery makes it the most beautiful of all the Hawaiian islands. It is home to waterfalls, hiking trails and a variety of eco-adventures. Most travelers seek out Kauai to avoid the hustle and bustle of Oahu and Maui and have a more unplugged vacation experience.

Can you island hop in Hawaii 2021?

At a news conference on June 4, 2021, Governor David Ige announced that beginning June 15, 2021, traveling inter-island within Hawaii will no longer require a pre-travel test and there will be no quarantine requirements for inter-island travel. There will be no restrictions flying between islands within Hawaii.

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Is it worth island hopping in Hawaii?

For those who just can’t decide which island to stay on, it is worth considering the option of Island Hopping. By spending a few days on 3 or 4 islands, you will be able to adequately explore and learn where you would like to spend a more extended period on your next trip in the Hawaiian Islands.

What are current travel restrictions to Hawaii?

Direct International Travel to Hawaii Fully vaccinated travelers must provide proof of vaccination and present a test taken within three (3) days of boarding flight to U.S.; OR. Travelers not fully vaccinated must provide proof of negative COVID-19 test result within one (1) day of boarding flight to U.S.

Is ID now Covid test accepted in Hawaii?

Either the Rapid Diagnostic Test (ID NOW) or the Diagnostic Lab Test (PCR) will be accepted. WestPac Labs – WestPac Labs is now offering COVID-19 Testing Services as an approved partner of the State of Hawaiʻi’s Trusted Testing and Travel Partners Program. 4

Is ID now a NAAT test?

The ID NOW molecular NAAT test gives results in the same time frame, but with a sensitivity score of 95% and specificity of 97.9%!

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