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What Airlines Can You Use Delta Miles On? (Perfect answer)

Miles can be used for travel on Delta Air Lines, Delta Connection carriers (Endeavor Air, Inc., Republic Airline, and SkyWest) and on 30+ partner airlines. Learn about partner airline Award Travel. Looking for a round-trip ticket?

Are Delta miles good on other airlines?

You can redeem Delta miles to fly nearly anywhere around the globe. Delta is a member of the SkyTeam alliance, which means you can use your Delta miles on many partner airlines such as Air France for travel to Europe, Kenya Airways for travel to Africa, Korean Air for travel to Asia and more.

Who are Delta’s partners?

Delta’s partners include:

  • Aeroflot.
  • Aerolineas Argentinas.
  • Aeromexico.
  • Air Europa.
  • Air France.
  • Alitalia.
  • China Airlines.
  • China Eastern.

What does 70000 Delta miles get you?

Since we consider Delta SkyMiles to be worth 1.2 cents apiece when redeemed for flights, 70,000 miles represent a value of $840. Some notable perks of this card include a free first checked bag on Delta flights and a 20% discount on in-flight purchases aboard flights operated by Delta.

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Is Delta partners with American Airlines?

American Airlines and Delta Air Lines are restoring their interline agreement as of Wednesday, a move that establishes the most basic level of cooperation between the nation’s two largest carriers.

Can I use Delta miles on Aeroflot?

If you want to book an Aeroflot flight using miles, you can do this completely online. If you want to book, say, a Delta or Air France flight using miles, you have to first find availability and then call Aeroflot at 866-879-7647.

Can I use Korean Air Miles for Delta?

You cannot transfer Korean Air miles to Delta. Even though both Korean Air and Delta are SkyTeam airline alliance members, miles cannot be transferred between them. Mileage accrued on a frequent flyer account of one airline cannot be transferred to an account of another airline.

Do Delta SkyMiles expire?

Under the SkyMiles Mileage Expiration policy, miles do not expire. Delta reserves the right to deactivate or close an account under the following circumstances: Fraudulent activity occurs. A Member requests an account closure.

Can I use Delta Ecredit on Air France?

Paper vouchers may be redeemed at Delta, Air France, and KLM ticket counters. Redemptions at will not incur a transaction fee. Fees will apply if voucher is redeemed through any other Delta location.

Can I use Delta miles on Alitalia?

You can also credit flights from Delta and other SkyTeam members to Alitalia MilleMiglia. Along with the miles earned from meeting this minimum spend, you’ll take home a total of 300,000 Capital One miles, which can be transferred to 225,000 miles with Alitalia MilleMiglia or other transfer partners.

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Are Delta miles worth it?

Like all airline and hotel currencies, Delta SkyMiles are a relatively poor store of value, since their issuer frequently devalues them by making a given redemption more expensive. Delta also does not publish an award chart with fixed prices in miles. Flying when demand is high will cost you more.

What is 80 000 Delta SkyMiles worth?

At a valuation of 1.3 cents per mile, the 80,000 mile one-way business class award from Los Angeles to Sydney would cost you ~$1,000, which is a heck of a value. Business class between the US and Europe on Virgin Atlantic would cost you ~$800.

Is Air France a Delta partner?

Delta Air Lines is a partner of the Air France-KLM Flying Blue program. You can therefore earn Miles with Delta Air Lines and Air France and use them to book a flight, an extra Option or a gift for a loved one.

Is Emirates a partner with Delta?

Emirates and Delta Air Lines have announced a new partnership as well as 3 new routes. This new partnership will allow passengers to connect throughout the United States on Delta and connect passengers beyond Dubai with Emirates.

Is Delta a part of Star Alliance?

SkyTeam, oneworld and Star Alliance join forces to give customers confidence in travel. The three global airline alliances, SkyTeam – of which Delta is a founding member – oneworld and Star Alliance have combined forces to highlight how airlines are working to ensure customers’ wellbeing while travelling.

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