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How Does Southwest Airlines Work? (Correct answer)

Southwest-operated flights have open seating. You may also check in and/or get a boarding pass upon arrival at the airport at a self-service kiosk (where available), the Skycap podium (in select locations), the Southwest Airlines® Ticket Counter, or at your departure gate.

What do I need to know when flying Southwest?

8 things to know to safely fly Southwest

  • Seat selection and space.
  • Two free checked bags.
  • No blackout dates.
  • No cancellation or change fees.
  • Pricing.
  • Free inflight entertainment.
  • Snacks and drinks.
  • Customer service.

How does Southwest boarding work now?

Southwest follows an open seating style, meaning there are no assigned seats. You’ll be assigned a boarding group (either A, B, or C) and position (1-60+) upon check -in, which determines your boarding order. Once on board, you choose your seat. If you’re last to board, you likely won’t get to sit with your family.

Is Southwest a good airline to fly for?

Southwest Airlines is Certified as a 4-Star Low-Cost Airline for the quality of its airport and onboard product and staff service. Product rating includes cabin comfort, baggage / seat charges, onboard food & beverages, cabin cleanliness, and service rating is for cabin and ground staff.

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What do you get on a Southwest flight?

Southwest® Inflight Entertainment, Internet, and Menus

  • 100% free inflight.
  • Free Movies*
  • Free On-demand TV Series*
  • Free Texting2*Only allows access to iMessage and WhatsApp (must be downloaded before the flight).

Can you choose seats on Southwest?

Do I have an assigned seat? Southwest-operated flights have open seating. Once onboard, simply choose any available seat and stow your carryon items in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.

Can you bring food on Southwest Airlines?

Re: snacks Certainly! Anything not a gel or liquid can be brought with you through security and anything you purchase after security can be brought onto the plane.

Can my wife board with me on Southwest?

Starting March 12, anyone on a reservation with an A-List or A-List Preferred Member can board when they do. * That means everyone on the same reservation gets to board together and pick their seat earlier. Because we can all agree the more time you get with your people, the better.”

How many seats does Southwest plane have?

Southwest only flys 737’s, 737-700’s, 737-800’s and a small handful of 737-MAX 8. The majority (700’s) have 143 seats, the 800’s and MAX 8’s have 175. You can find seating charts at SeatGuru, but I’ve found them to often be inaccurate.

How many window seats are on a Southwest plane?

there are about 23 rows on a SWA plane so figure there are 46 window seats, 46 aisle seats and 46 middle seats. If you are in fact boarding #100 your seat options will be limited and sitting together may be a challenge.

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Do Southwest planes have outlets?

We do not currently offer power onboard. Many of our gate areas have been refreshed to include power stations so you can recharge while you relax before your flight.

Is Southwest cheaper than Delta?

Southwest isn’t always the cheapest, but they’re typically cheaper than Delta. You want to avoid the hassle of flying through a massive airline hub.

Does Southwest have larger seats?

With the exception of exit row and bulkhead leg room, virtually all seats on a SW jet are the same. You can find measurements here. So Business Select does not give you a larger seat. For info about how SW fares differ, click here.

Does Southwest give free snacks?

Southwest Airlines Takes Care of Its Customers With Free Inflight Snack and Beverage Service. Southwest currently serves 18 different complimentary beverages, as well as peanuts or pretzels on every flight, and provides popular Snack Packs on longhaul flights for free.

Does Southwest serve drinks during Covid?

Southwest initially suspended all onboard beverages and snacks. However, as of mid-March 2021, the airline is serving a limited selection of non-alcoholic beverages and snacks on flights over 250 miles. These include water, Coke, Diet Coke and 7-Up.

Can you fly standby on Southwest Wanna Get Away?

Depending on the type of fare you purchased and your elite status with Southwest, you may be able to fly standby at no extra cost. If you purchased a Wanna Get Away or Senior fare, Southwest’s lowest-cost fares, you can only fly standby by paying the difference in the fare price between the two flights.

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