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How Big Are The Seats On Delta Airlines? (Perfect answer)

Seat Specifications

SEAT WIDTH/PITCH 20.5-20.9 in/38-39 in 52-53 cm/97-99 cm 17.2-17.3 in/34 in 44 cm/86 cm
CHILD SEAT FIT GUIDE Aircraft seat width min-max 20.5 in 52 cm 17.2 in 44 cm
UNDERSEAT DIMENSIONS (depth x width x height) 20 in x 17 in x 10 in 15 in x 13 in x 10 in


Are Delta seats large?

A Superior Cabin on Select International Flights. Experience Delta Premium Select – a new, superior Delta cabin available on select international routes. You’ll find more space to stretch out and relax with a wider seat, and additional recline, and an adjustable footrest and leg rest on select widebody aircraft*.

What size are Delta comfort seats?

While Premium Select passengers on the A339 get a 13.3-inch seatback entertainment screen, Comfort+ and Main Cabin passengers have a 10.1-inch panel.

What is the best seat on Delta Airlines?

1. Delta One Suite. As of late 2017, the Delta One Suite became the king of the hill in terms of Delta aircraft seats. They’re arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration and provide ample space and privacy thanks to the sliding door found at each suite.

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Are Delta Comfort+ seats wider?

You can see that the Delta Comfort Plus seats are a bit wider and more cozy than economy. What is this? They’re a bit tall too, which is good for legroom, but bad for us shorties when our feet don’t touch the floor.

Are Delta One seats worth it?

The seat itself is outstanding. While there’s definitely some room for improvement on the service, food, and amenities, it was still a great flight overall. And considering you can book this 12-plus hour flight for just 60,000 miles, it’s one of the best values out there to fly business class.

How wide are economy seats on Delta?

Main Cabin Economy seats are between 16-18.6 inches wide, with 30-33 inches of pitch (the distance from seatback to seatback), and two or three inches of recline.

What airline is the best for overweight passengers?

Best airlines for Plus size travellers

  • Aegean Airlines. Aegean Airlines is one of the only airlines which provide 18 inches of seat width in economy class on long-haul flights.
  • Aeroflot.
  • Air Canada.
  • Bangkok Airways.
  • China Southern Airlines.
  • Delta Air Lines.
  • JetBlue.
  • Singapore Airlines.

Which airline has the widest seats in economy class?

Jet Blue is the leader in the “most pitch” and “widest seat” contest because the majority of their economy and coach class seats are roomy. Jet Blue’s cheapest seats offer a pitch range of 32 to 35 inches (on most flights), with some planes offering a pitch between 37 and 41 inches.

What’s the difference between main cabin and Delta comfort?

The legroom is about four inches more than in the Main Cabin and the seats in Comfort Plus recline slightly more as well. This means that there’s some added comfort. Although everyone on a Delta flight is fed, Comfort Plus passengers get slightly better meals than the Main Cabin passengers.

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Are Delta seats middle seating?

Delta was the final holdout, ending its practice of blocking middle seats on Saturday. That is more than a year after the airline first introduced the practice as the coronavirus cratered the number of air travelers. Delta announced at the end of March that it would make all seats available for flights starting May 1.

Do Delta seats recline?

Last year, Delta retrofitted its Airbus A320 jets to reduce the recline of the coach seats from 4 inches to 2 inches and the recline of first class seats from 5.5 inches to 3.5 inches.

Is it worth it to upgrade to main cabin on Delta?

The upgrade to a Main Cabin fare varies depending on the route and specific travel dates. It can sometimes be very minimal and worth the extra few bucks. Other times, it can be a drastic difference and you’ll have to decide for yourself which fare is best for you.

What are the different seats on Delta?

Overview of Delta’s Classes of Service

  • First Class. First class is offered on all narrow-body jets on routes in the U.S. and to Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.
  • Delta One.
  • Premium Select.
  • Delta Comfort+
  • Main Cabin.
  • Basic Economy.
  • Baggage.
  • Standby and Ticket Changes.

Is Delta Comfort Plus worth it 2021?

The bottom line: If you’re considering flying in business or first class, especially for a domestic flight, Comfort+ is a much more affordable option than Delta One or first class if you are seeking comfort and a few extra benefits to make your trip more enjoyable, but shop around on flights as the rates for upgraded

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